Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back To The Drawing Board

Our current foster, Jasper, is the cutest, sweetest and most adorable dog we've had yet. I was sure we'd only have him a week, two at the tops.

For whatever reason, we've now had him 3 weeks. It took about 10 days before he made it to the web site (I don't know why) and then we had an immediate application. Several inquiries came after that, but the first come, first serve got processed first.

Unfortunately that turned into a giant mess. The applicants are odd and that is putting it mildly.

They listed their current pets - 4 cats, 1 dog. When a vet check was done, they had no record of seeing the dog. The applicant's response? "Well, he is an outside dog."


Do outside animals not merit the same care and concern as inside animals? Not to mention the legal requirement of a rabies vaccination. And don't get me started about the need for heart worm preventative on any dog, let alone an outside dog.

They began a phone campaign to us as well as the process coordinator about how much they love this dog (just met the dog once) and they were sure it was their dead dog, Barney, reincarnated.

Okay, I'd like to think that is possible because that means my Murphy is out there somewhere...but let's get real.

Then the stories started about how the dog did have a rabies vaccination, but no way to prove it. They took the dog to the vet and got a heart worm test, preventative and a rabies vaccination (thought he had one).

So now they think that fixes everything. Don't think so folks.

Back on the market and waiting for the perfect home (is it yours?), may I present Jasper.


mistylea said...

There is one in every crowd. I hear people complain all the time about the adoption process for animals. This just goes to prove there is a very good reason for it!

La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

I understand why there is an adoption process. But we was rejected once because we didn't have a fence for a 10 pound dog. So there is positive and negative reason to have a detail adoption process.