Monday, July 28, 2008

I am a card carrying member.

Okay, there is no card, but I did join a book club.

I have always wanted to, but we lived in the boonies and have been remodeling the house, and blah blah blah - all the reasons people give for not doing something they wanted to do.

So the first book we read was The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Let me just say that I am a bit obsessed with time travel. Maybe it started with It's A Wonderful Life where George Bailey got to see himself in a different time continuum or maybe too much Star Trek.

I can say the first literature that got me hooked on time travel was Lightning by Dean Koontz. If you haven't read this - you should.

Anyway, I loved the first book needless to say and now we are on the second one -
Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name: A Novel (P.S.) by Vendela Vida.
I'll let you know about that one when I am done.

I encourage you to step out do something you've always wanted to do. This was easy and a small thing, but it makes me feel good to have done it.


Kim said...

It's a wonderful life is my favorite Christmas movie. And I think I read Lightening by Koontz a long time ago but I find all his book endings are cliffhangers and that bothers me :)

I haven't read the other two - but will check the library for them.

Gnightgirl said...

Loved "Time Traveler's Wife" (did we touch on this already?). Will definitely check out "Lightning."

I'm just discovering Richard Price, after reading a review of "Lush Life" in Time magazine. That's still only in hardback, so I haven't grabbed it up yet, but I did pick up "Samaritans" from the library, and have been engrossed from p. 1.

Love your advice, enjoy the book club. The only book club I ever participated in involved a lot of wine, and little talking about the book we read, when all was said and done.

LisaRene said...

Good for you, hopefully they are a fun group.

You posted some summer "must read" books a while back and I purchased two of them. I'm reading "Mudbound" by Hillary Jordan right now and am really enjoying it. The story takes place in the 40's and is primarily about the dutiful wife and "head of the family" husband and the husbands decision to move from a Tennessee town to rural Mississippi so he can live his dream of being a farmer regardless of what the wife would like.

Other characters include the husbands father and brother and a black sharecropping husband, wife and son working the property. Each chapter is told by a different character, a style of writing I particularly like.

The other one I purchased is "Wrack and Ruin".

Melody said...

kim: Dean Koontz typically is a little too sci fi for me, but Lightning caught my attention.

gnightgirl: So what is the problem with wine?

lisarene: I got those too, but haven't read them yet.

Nina said...

As I stated over at my blog, the book everyone needs to read is Eat, Pray, Love. It is awesome. It will inspire you and make you think.
Items on my list of "to do"s include skydiving and writing a novel. Two extremes, I know, but both worth every minute.
Parasailing is the closest I have come to skydiving, but I live VERY close to the best place to do so. Very soon, my friends, very soon.

Melody said...

I have always wanted to skydive and actually had the opportunity once, but I injured my knee playing softball years ago and I am afraid the landing will cause some permanent damage.

I have parasailed and loved it.