Friday, July 25, 2008

The End of The Wine Trail

I need to finish up my wine adventures in California before I forget all of them.

Actually I already twisted some details in my head. I had said before that I didn't care for the wines at Kunde Estate Winery - I have to edit that.

There was one wine - a Chardonnay that was the best I have ever had. Buttery, yeasty - totally yummy. Unfortunately it could only be purchased at the winery (a lot of wineries do that) and I was at max in my luggage on space and weight. They can't ship wines to Kentucky so I was screwed.

I think that is why I confused it in my head because I knew I couldn't get it - or I am senile. Anyway, the last winery was Chateau St. Jean. Absolutely stunning grounds and gorgeous buildings. This would be the perfect spot for a wedding.

Besides wines, they had a wonderful gift shop and foodie stuff and actually food you could buy for a picnic there. Great idea.

I bought some wine here because they had a great Riesling and drank it that night since I couldn't transport anymore.

I also bought some rose petal jelly, toffee pretzel munchies, and my mommy a cute little gift.

It was a flip flop wine coaster. I thought it was so unique and fun and would work great for her when she was camping (which is a lot) to help stabilize her wine glass. I forgot to take a picture so I looked for one online and well, I guess it isn't that unique because there are boatloads of them out there in every shape and color and design.

Oh well - this is what hers looks like.

That's it for the wineries. That day was cut a little short due to an Emergency Room visit. More on that later.

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