Friday, July 25, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

I had a conversation with some co-workers made me remember a song I heard as a child called Tall Paul. They didn't remember it though and they were both older than I.

My mother had a huge (still does) collection of 45rpm records from her teenage years. Even some with three on each side - remember those?

It made me want to hear that song again so thanks to You Tube - so will you.

Then I thought of other songs from her collection.

Kookie Kookie - Lend Me Your Comb

Flying Purple People Eater

Poison Ivy

The Little Nash Rambler

Then appropriately enough, I found this.


Kim said...

Ok I have heard them all b4 except the kookie kookie one - what the heck is that!?

Smokin somethin

Melody said...