Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't you just love surprise gifts?

Birthday gifts are nice. Christmas gifts are sweet. Anniversary gifts are romantic.

But gifts when you least expect them are the best.

Jen from over at Calling Dr. Bombay surprised me with a gift today.

A cookbook - how appropriate!

Not just any cookbook. What my husband called "a door stopper" size cookbook - 560 pages of yummy recipes.

Baking in America by Greg Patent.

I have already begun reading. Yes I read cookbooks. And I mark recipes I want to make someday. So all I have to do is pull a book and see where my tags are.

I need a chocolate cake for Father's Day and to fulfill this month's Blog Party over at Dispensing Happiness. This book arrived just in time.

I am thinking about Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake...or Malted Milk Chocolate Cake...or Kentucky Chocolate Sheet Cake...or Chocolate Souffle Cake...or...

Thanks Jen!


MysteryGirl said...

I just know you are going to make one of these fabulous cakes and then post a picture. The damn thing will look like it just came from a high-end bakery and leave me wanting a slice or 3.

nejyerf said...

i'm so glad you like the book and i know you'll put it to good use!!

and definitely post pictures of the goodness you will bake!

Melody said...

I appreciate the vote of confidence you both have in me. If you only knew how many disasters I have made, I just don't post about them.

MysteryGirl said...

Please. Post photos and stories of the disasters. I just don't believe you.