Monday, May 05, 2008

I am ready.

I was part of a discussion this weekend about Obama vs. Clinton.

I heard something I've heard several times during this election process.

"I don't have anything against him, I just don't think
the country is ready for a black man to be President."

I finally figured out what that means.
YOU aren't ready for a black man to be President.

Don't speak for me, I am ready.


Anonymous said...

mk99, your site looks pretty, I guess you just wanted a change of pace, right? can you email me so that we can talk over email. I don't use iChat so I don't quite know how that works.

anyway, here's my email:
shewhoblogs (at) google (dot) com


lissa said...

Oops, I am so sorry mk99, it should be (, I should have check before publishing the comment, sorry about that