Monday, April 28, 2008

So,do you?

Do you dream?

What do you dream about?

Do you dream every night?

Do you dream in color?

Do you remember your dreams?

How long?

I have questions peeps, I need answers.


Dott Comments said...

Last night - women on a boat. Night before - long strands of pearls.
Sometimes forever.

Kim said...

Lots of stuff.
Probably, but don't always remember them.
Umm you know I never really gave that much thought - I think so....
Like I said, sometimes - sometimes I lose them quickly.
Depends on the dream. I remember one very clearly - when I just started dating my husband, I dreamt he invited me to a wedding, I was to met him there. Once there he introduced me to the bride....he was the groom ACK! I was so mad at him LOL

LisaRene said...

Oh, I dream!

My mind sorts out scenarios that are taking place in my real life. My dreams tend to reflect what is happening my life. If I have to travel and leave the dogs for a few days I dream about one of them getting lost. If I'm in a real sexual moment in real life then I have the great sex dreams :) Love those, hate waking up from them as my dreams are so real.

I also have what are apparently common dreams; My teeth are literally breaking off and crumbling in my mouth (hate this one). I'm back in school taking a test I am not prepared for. Falling dream.

Then there are the just weird strange dreams where you wake up thinking "What the heck was that all about?" totally perplexed why your mind dreamed that up!

Interesting, my husband is never, ever in my dreams, not once. He, on the other hand, does not dream often and seldom remembers them but I am always in his dream.

Can't say I dream every night but definitely most nights. The more sleep I get the more I dream, the less sleep I get I sleep like a rock and don't dream.

Weirdly I can never say if I dream in color or not ?!?!

I wake up with my dream as clear as if I had lived it and then they fade throughout the day. Some stick with me for a while, particularly if I talk about them. The reoccurring ones I of course recall. I have had one strange reoccurring dream (conscious of it about once ever 16 months or so) that I had as a kid. Just a weird dream where I am walking down the sidewalk in Chicago and I decide to brush my teeth and I reach into my pocket and bring out this huge tooth brush (size of a baseball bat) and then an even bigger tube of toothpaste and the toothpaste squirts all over the place and I remember feeling embarrassed. EXPLAIN THAT ONE!

Gnightgirl said...

I have books I filled writing down dreams. In 2004, when I got divorced, I stopped dreaming altogether, for 3 years, nothing. For some reason, I started dreaming again, about a year ago. My son heading to Iraq? Starting a new relationship? The return of my sister's cancer? A combination of everything happening all at once? I don't know, but I dream vividly every single night, sometimes so much so that I feel as if I haven't slept when I wake up.

Last night: My water broke in a public place, and I was frantically searching for a delivery room. Not pregnant, never wanna be pregnant again. Analyze THAT!

Gnightgirl said...

Ok, so I'll let this go in a minute, but I had to revisit here.

I was cleaning out the garage last night, readying for Brian's return, thinking about the advice other soldier's mothers have given me. They all keep saying "Act as if you're having a baby: get the suitcases packed and get ready to go!" It hit me then: the "having a baby" dream just came together.

I'm sure you're dying to know this.