Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dream Sequence

Continuing the dream conversation - and thanks to those who shared, I dream a lot. I mean a lot.

More than one a night typically and it is always very real. Most mornings the alarms blends into the dream and can go on for quite some time before my husband gives up and wakes me or I finally realize that it isn't a car horn or cell phone in dream.

I am even pretty good at daydreaming. Many times my night time dreams continue on as day dreams.

Sometimes I worry that I dream so much. I know they say that is REM sleep and if that is the case, I should be well rested (though I don't always feel so).

I also remember the dreams very vividly first thing in the morning but they fade as the day goes on.

Except for a few rare ones that I still remember.

Of course I periodically have those cookie cutter ones like being in public naked, or walking down a path and constantly tripping (which of course makes me jump in bed and usually wakes me up), or screaming at people after no one will listen to me.

Sometimes I think I'd like to have my dreams analyzed, but then I wonder if there are just some things best left alone.


Gnightgirl said...

I had a month or so there where I dreamed every night that I was somehow nude-i-cally challenged. Taking a shower and realizing that I was in a stairwell, and that people were coming. No doors on bathroom stalls. A sheer dress on.

I tried to anaylze them with online sites. I forget what I came up with.

And I HATE dreaming about work every night. I should get paid overtime for that.

nejyerf said...

you know i dream very vivid dreams.

and because it is in direct relation to the new drug i'm taking i just go with the flow.

although the other night i had a dream that my cats got scared of something and became stuck to me like a fabric softener sheet. and their fur stuck straight up.


mk99 said...

I think I remember reading once that the "nude" dreams indicate insecurity in your life.


I guess there could be worse side effects to drugs.