Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Great Steamboat Race

In Kentucky, there is always a race. If it isn't horses, it is balloons. If it isn't balloons, it is beds (not joking). If it isn't beds, it is boats. Steamboats to be more specific.

The Great Steamboat Race has a long history. This year may have been the last one due to lack of support and one of the steamboats may be "retiring".

I had the pleasure of watching the boats line up and take off this evening from our office window.

There is a rivalry of sorts where each year one of the boats will cheat, or even if one passes the finish line first, the "judges" will deem the other one a winner due to more weight on the boat, etc. It is all for fun.

This year, the Belle of Louisville cheated. You can see it here in this picture coming up the starting line. It is the smallest one in the back.

But it never stopped, it just kept right on going getting a head start.

The other two worked hard to catch up as seen by the billows of smoke and steam.

The winner?

The Delta Queen.

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