Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kitchen Creations

The creations this weekend all came from the kitchen. After spending all day in the kitchen, I am beat. I wish I had someone to come behind me and clean up my mess. Oh the problems of the privileged.

First of all, I cooked three meals today. This is very rare for me. But on top of all that I made a birthday cake for a certain someone, plus some strawberry pretzel salad.

I am tired.

However, I am very proud of my evening meal. It was all made from my own devices, no recipes.

Chicken stuffed with prosciutto and manchego cheese on a bed of onion and garlic polenta topped with a sweet and spicy barbecue-like reduction. I also made a salad of fresh tomatoes (thanks Charlotte), tomatillos and bell peppers w/basil-garlic vinaigrette. OMG!

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