Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sobering Thoughts

A friend of mine lost her husband very unexpectedly in the last year. I have admired her courage and strength to pick up the pieces and try to move forward, if not for her, but for their children. Through it all she has had some humorous moments that help make the less-than humorous moments doable.

Watching her handle the paperwork fiasco of death certificates, banks, and insurance makes me sad and a bit apprehensive. Are we prepared? Do we have the coverage we need? Do we even know where the paperwork is if we are suddenly in her shoes? Do we have enough term life insurance either through work or privately?

I've decided to put together a box. Let's call it the "death box". I want all our paperwork, information, etc. in one spot for whoever is left. I think I will put in banking information (since ours are separate), bill information (someone has to still pay), and maybe even our wishes for the funeral.

Now to have this conversation with the hubby.

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