Monday, September 12, 2011

Money Trees

I confess. I have depended on credit in some form or another most of my life. But I am still saddened and surprised by the thoughtless efforts people put in to getting cash. "Cash" today stores show up on every street corner like lemonade stands of the 50's and pawn shops are beyond popular, they are now glorified on television shows. Did you know you can now basically "pawn" your car title for cash?

If you were in dire straits,various states allow you to apply for car title loans New Jersey being one. Well, I guess they don't really care if you are in dire straits. I just wish people gave more thought to their actions of today - money-wise and other. Myself included.


BeckiM said...

I have to confess that I have used the cash advance places a couple of times for emergencies. Yes, I know the APR is over 400% but it is still cheaper than the compounding bounced check/overdraft fees from the bank. (A whole different issue!) For short term emergencies like car repairs, they are valuable and self-limiting (unlike a line of credit that can tempt some of us to overspend.) I think some people do use them as a regular source of cash and they ARE predatory in nature, but I am glad there is something available for those of us who can't afford the 6 months reserve in savings.

Melody said...

Savings? Strange word..I've heard of it, but does it really exist? :-)