Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Position of Power

I wish once in my life I had a job that wielded power. I don't mean that demonic or hateful, just wish I had the opportunity to make some changes. I also don't mean a job like the CEO of AT&T where you are the first one that gets sacked when the stocks go down. That is much more of an ego job. I want a job that gives me the flexibility to change people's lives, even for a moment.

For example, a job with an airline where I can randomly choose who gets upgraded to first class for no reason. It is such a surprise when that happens. Or maybe Room Director Jobs where when you check in they put you in the Presidential Suite because it is available and you have been nice. What a surprise!

It reminds me of that movie "It Could Happen to You", where the cop and the waitress take their lottery winnings and do fun, surprising things for people like free subway tokens and rent Yankee stadium for the little leaguers.

Fantasy Island - maybe that is really what I want.


Joe said...

Like they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it rocks absolutely too".

BeckiM said...

You could argue that knowledge is power (the whole "pen mightier than the sword" thing) so you ARE pretty powerful. But I understand wanting to see the results immediately. I get that my job is important, but it's hard to see any direct effect.