Monday, June 20, 2011

I love to laugh

And without my coworker and best friend, I would do very little of it. Let me share....

On this day in 1897, writer Oscar Wilde is released from jail after two years of hard labor for homosexual crimes. Prior to his arrest Wilde had become a popular society figure valued at dinner parties for his witty remarks. Embracing the late 19th century aesthetic movement, which embraced art for art's sake, Wilde adopted the flamboyant style of a passionate poet and self-published a volume of verse in 1881. He spent the following year in the United States lecturing on poetry and art. Wilde's dapper wardrobe and excessive devotion to art were parodied in Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta Patience in 1882.

You know, I’ve been polishing my witty remarks (some might say acerbic or bitter), and I pour out my best effort in time entry reminders every two weeks (which is sort of like self-published verse), but so far the dinner party offers are just barely trickling in. I guess I'm just not a flamboyant enough dresser; however, as my body mass index gets less favorable, those big caftans in wildly garish colors are starting to look pretty comfortable, and I think a turban would help hide my frequent bad hair days.

Daily affirmation: The first step is to say nice things about myself. The second, to do nice things for myself. The third, to find someone to buy me nice things.

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