Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I recently had to send flowers to a distant friend who lost a family member. Wait a minute, I didn't mean I "had" to, I meant I should because I care. That sounded bad.

Anyway, when I send flowers long distance, I worry. I am probably paranoid but how do you know what you pay for arrives. You never see it? I'm sure something goes because they always say thank you but it could have been some puny carnation bouquet instead of a full spring basket full of flowers.

I am starting to sound like my mother, but I can't help but wonder what actually arrived for my Sidney OH flower delivery. It is tacky to ask. I guess this is really when it is the thought that counts.

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Christie H said...

Funny you should mention the flower issue. I sent my mom flowers for her birthday [5 Jan] when she was in Iowa. I had my bro describe them. The flower I ordered that specific bouquet was not included!! I was ready to email FTD but then decided to call the florist directly. They apologized, sent her a new HUGE bouquet with the flowers I wanted AND included some candy! It was a success. But I guess it would be hard to check in your case. Guess you have to take some things on faith.