Thursday, April 28, 2011

More and More

Sometimes it is these musings and these musings only that get me through the week.

Henry Ford died on this day in 1947, so I could do a rant about the soul-sucking tedium that he created when he dreamt up the idea of the modern assembly line, but I’m just not in the mood to put my heart into a really articulate rant this morning. I do so hate being wishy-washy about my opinions, and you deserve my very best.

Then I noticed that in 1348 King Charles of Bohemia issued a Golden Bull to establish Charles University in Prague, the first university in Central Europe. My first thought was, ‘Lord have mercy, what an ego, naming a university after yourself’ (while making a mental note that, should I ever become fabulously wealthy, it might be fun). Then I realized I wasn’t really sure what a Golden Bull was, and lots of odd barnyard thoughts ran through my mind, like mental images of poor old Bessie being dipped in bronze (although then I suppose it would have been a golden heifer).

Then I remembered an odd historical tidbit I read the other day about a Puritan fellow who was executed for his excessive love of farm animals, and that reminded me of the line in the movie, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, “you should love your animals, but not love your animals”. The synapses of my brain are well connected, it’s just that they don’t always meet up where they are of any use to anyone. And let me make a pledge to you here and now that I will do my very best to never mention bestiality in a time entry reminder ever again. This is my new low point, I’m sorry you had to see it. I blame it on Spring fever. The sun is shining, the temperatures are pleasant, the tulips are blooming, and I’d rather be sitting on my porch swing reading a good book than sitting in an office which seems absolutely dreary by comparison.

Useless trivia: Did you know that grocery shoppers spend an average of 8 minutes waiting in line at the supermarket? If only. I typically end up behind someone who just fell off the turnip truck using the debit card doohickey for the first time, or the cash register explodes, or the clerk goes on break or dies.

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