Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Frustrations

We all have those little things that drive us crazy. Things we have no control over and cannot change, but that absolutely irritates the hell out of us.

The ones that annoy me, sometimes daily, are:

  • I'm too short. Too short to reach the top shelf. Hell sometimes the middle shelf. Sometimes I wish my parents had given me a little hgh (human growth hormone) as a child. Is it too late?
  • Dumb drivers. Seriously - just get out of my way. Yes, I confess. I suffer from road rage almost daily. Not the kind that would drive into someone who pissed me off, but I am seriously annoyed by people who ride my ass or drive like a grandma in the passing lane. There are rules and etiquette for the road. Read the manual.
  • People who email me just to tell me to call them. I am serious. There is one person in particular at work that does this. A person who earns more money than I ever will. A person who is in the top level of management. It just goes to show you that people aren't always paid for their intelligence level.

Okay, that's all for now.

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