Friday, January 14, 2011

More Hilarious Musing from My Co-Worker

You wish you could be on his email list, don't you?

On this day in 1978 United States recognizes communist China.
China had been wearing fake glasses with a big nose for several
years, and we had mistaken it for Groucho Marx. Although he
was led to believe that he had been invited to attend the Duck
Soup cast reunion party when Richard Nixon visited the country
a few years earlier, he had a suspicion that his hosts may have
had an ulterior motive when they started talking about trade
agreements and most favored nation status. Tricky Dick was
marginally smarter than the Chinese expected and wasn’t
entirely fooled when they tried to pass off Chairman Mao as the
little known Marx brother, Pongo. After discussing his concerns
about the whole Marx Brothers cover-up with Henry Kissinger,
Secretary Kissinger began to suspect that perhaps Groucho
was in fact communist China. He was eventually able to
persuade the rest of president’s cabinet and ultimately congress.

Daily affirmation: I will find humor in my everyday life by looking
for people I can laugh at.

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