Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Baking

I've begun to think about Christmas baking. I don't know why we limit ourselves to baking goodies in mass only between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Somehow we feel it is a free pass to indulge.

I like to give some baked goodies as treats, plus I have a few holiday gatherings I need to donate towards. I've even considered hosting a holiday Wine & Dessert party.

So....what is on the list of potential treats?

I am thinking more of those individual cheesecakes made in that wonderful pan that Jen over at Calling Dr. Bombay gave me. It works so fantastically.

Plus I was considering some cut out and decorated cookies and some brownies - a recent cookbook purchase (not shocked in the least are you?) revealed Thomas Kellar's brownie recipe and OMG! it sounds wonderful.

I also found recipes for Pecan Pie Bread and Butterscotch Pie Tarts I want to try.

What about you? Are you baking this year?

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