Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slow Death

I've been working with Cady on tricks lately. We have the "stick-em up" down good. I point the gun (fingers) and she goes to her hind legs and front paws up. Then I say "bang" and she goes into down and eventually lays over to her side. What we haven't mastered is the need to keep her eyes on the treat. This clip is interesting and helpful.


Becki said...

Very cute. This is one trick we wanted to teach Diablo but he's still too hyper. He will do "High Five" (flailing wildly at your hand and barking) and roll over, but that's the extent of his tricks. Anything that requires finesse or self-control is just beyond him at this point. (He knows obedience commands, but he gets so excited that he leaps up immediately!)

christie said...

Did you see the dog play dead on Letterman? It was a beaglely type and the guy held it like a baby. When he said play dead, the dog just went limp and laid over his arm. Cute!