Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling Blessed

So many of my friends are without employment and some have went beyond the severance time period where not only do they lose their income, but also their health insurance. That has to be scary. One time in my adult life I was without health insurance - for only 6 months - and it was frightening.

The cost of purchasing your own short term health insurance NC or extending Cobra payments is unreal.

As frustrated as I may on particular days, I do feel blessed to have a job and benefits.

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Christie said...

Hey - I just checked into health insurance with BCBS on my own. COBRA from the church was $400/month. I'm getting about the same coverage for $210!!! I couldn't believe it. But then I've not got any major issues [except for orneriness - just to get that in before my husband or brother!].