Friday, May 07, 2010

Fruits of our Labors

We've done some re-landscaping this spring. We had mature landscaping, but it was all evergreens. I like a little color. Well, okay, a lot of color.

Here are our before, during, and after photos:

This is what the house looked like when we purchased it in 2007.

These shaggy things hid so much of the house, plus collected every leaf that fell from the huge maple tree in the front yard. They always looked messy.

So out they went.

Last fall, we pulled out the shaggy tree in the corner and put in a metal statue and the Japanese maple in front. It already looked better.
Then little by little we started adding color.
A beautiful pink crab apple tree.

Gorgeous azalea bushes and a sepac tree.
I love lilies.

All the rain we've had has really helped everything fill out and bloom.

It was all worth it.

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