Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Girl Panties

I totally know that I have been copping out on blogging lately. I tried to share my mental state with you in songs so you'd know a) I was still alive, and b) maybe why I wasn't writing much.

I am dragging myself out of a funk brought on by my environment. As a co-worker said last week, "I am putting on my big girl panties" and sucking it up.

We had a wonderful weekend full of friends, dogs, and shopping, with a little productivity mixed in there too. That helped to put life back on an even keel.

I also received a bit of a "promotion" if you will, in my freelance writing. In addition to writing for the ongoing blogs, I will be an editor and writer for a new client blog through this same firm as part of their IT package of services.

Who knows where this will all end, but I suspect that having met and connected with the owner of this IT firm, will positively impact my career and financial future for years to come. No complaints there.

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