Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smelly Cat

I am a scent person. Maybe it is because I like dogs so much I find myself mimicking their natural habits. I love the smell of fresh baked goods, clean sheets, my husband's neck fresh out of the shower, and nature, i.e. fresh cut grass, flowers in my garden, honeysuckle wafting across the road.

Smells that halt me instantly and can literally put me in a rotten mood include
cigars, strong old lady perfume (you know exactly what I mean), and bad breath.

What are your favorite smells?

What smells send you running away?


Joe said...

I like the smell of smoke from a wood burning fire. When I was a kid I'd walk to my grandmothers house after school. She heated with a wood-burning stove, so I could smell the smoke from her house almost all the way there from school. I knew her house would be warm and that she'd probably have a snack ready for me.

I know about strong old lady perfume. I even know WHO you're thinking of...

Melody said...

Who me? :-)

Kim said...

Since I quit smoking 8 yrs ago my sense of smell is very strong.

I love the smell of burning wood too, lilac, garlic & onions cooking.

I hate BO! (not that anyonbe likes it :)) I hate having to take public transit for this reason - there are far too many ppl that don't bathe regularly.

Lagerfeld cologne - my FIL bathes in that ACK!, the smell of cooked lamb - reminds me of wet dog :(

mistylea said...

I love the smell of lilac, fresh cut alfalfa or hay, clothes hung to dry on the line. The smell of my kids fresh from the shower-or warm and cuddly first thing in the morning and when they come in from playing outside smelling of fresh air and sunshine. I like cut grass, and even gasoline some.

I can't stand morning breath from customers, smokers, rancid BO-see what I deal with at work here?! :)