Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Wheels

We were out stimulating the economy yesterday. You are welcome.

I traded in my Pontiac (thank God) for a 2010 Toyota Camry. It has some pretty cool options like Smart Key, bluetooth capability, satellite radio and iPod connection. Not to mention a great ride.

No need to warn us about the dangers of Toyota. This our 6th Toyota and we are die hard fans. At their worst, they are ten times better than other cars - especially Detroit's losers.

Here is a stock photo of my car and color (barcelona red):

For my local friends, we drive to Madison, Indiana to do business with Craig Toyota. Dave Tingle is the sales manager and we do everything over email before we get there. We show up, sign papers and drive away. No hassle, no haggling, no games. I highly recommend them and will always cross the river for this experience.

For everyone, Toyota is offering some great deals for current Toyota owners as well as new buyers. Check them out. The hubby is even considering trading his truck in for a 4-wheel drive version of the same vehicle. But that has more to do with getting stuck in the ditch this year during an icy day.

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