Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lotsa Everything

There is a specialty food store/deli in Louisville called Lotsa Pasta. It is fairly dangerous on the budget for me to go here as I want everything. So I limit my visits and stick to a list...most of the time.

In my most recent visit I scored some pink peppercorns, smoked sea salt, pizza crust (better than I can ever make), blackberry ice, artisan pasta, dried lemon grass, and a seasoning rub called "Butt Rub" (couldn't resist).
Let the cooking begin!

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Tracy (Romine) Guernsey said...

If you haven't gone to Creation Gardens, you MUST!! Lots of cheeses, gorgeous produce, Kentucky Proud "stuff" and lots of bulk dried stuff (beans, peppers, grains, international stuff, etc.) You'd love it.