Monday, March 22, 2010

I Quit My Job

Don't freak out. I quit my part-time job. I gave notice that April 4th would be my last day. My two writing freelance jobs are becoming more frequent and they certainly pay better, not to mention the hours and brain power my full time job requires -- so I'm done. The stress was starting to materialize in my health and God knows I don't need anymore problems.

I feel kind of bad and I will miss the discount. But I already feel a little less pressure on my mind and body.


La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

Good for you. I didn't know you had 2 writing jobs. You need more time for you and the dogs as well.

Kim said...

Hey send me some of those freelance writing jobs will ya? Congrats on beiong able to quit one job thou :)

mistylea said...

Wow, scared me! I am so happy for you the the writting is picking up. Congratulations!

Melody said...

Thanks all.

Kim - check out craigslist, there is a lot posted there as well as