Sunday, February 14, 2010

Party In Pictures

Yes, friends, I finally remembered to take photos. Some are not so great as I had the settings messed up on the camera, but trust me - we were having a great time. Probably, ... a little too much. Let's just say the "palette cleansers" were a big hit!

Roasted Red Pepper & Roasted Garlic Soup steaming.

Pecan praline topping for the brie cheese.

Dark chocolate fondue with some Kahlua starting to melt.

Appetizers and drinks being enjoyed.

The centerpiece was brought by one of the guests - thank you Christy.

Cheers! Toasting with some champagne and grapefruit slices (palette cleanser #1).

I have no clue what Bryan is saying or doing (as good as Bryan felt, I don't think he did either).

I confess. I was feeling pretty darn good too.

Dessert was a duo of fondue - dark chocolate and toffee accompanied by bananas, strawberries, brownies and heart shaped marshmallows to dip.

If the glass count was any indication, we had a good time.

Before the guests arrive.

I liked my little comma shaped plates in bright orange. Thank you Crate & Barrel.

Thank you to all my good friends who came and enjoyed the food, drank, brought wine and gifts and made our Valentine's special.

And thank you to my hubby for all his help prior and during - what a great host!


buffalodick said...

That was elegant- well done!

Kim said...

Looks like a great time! Why do some of the photos have that faded 50s look? :) I love those comma dishes - but I never indulge in special dishes - I have enough dishes to wash :)

Christie said...

A great time was had by all! Great hosts! great food! And just the slightest hint of a headache today. Thanks Melody and Dave!!!

Melody said...

buffalodick: thanks

Kim: the settings on the camera made it really dark and when I brightened it, the result was grainy, and my weakness is dishes.

Christie: I had a headache all day too. I think it was because we mixed alcohol instead of sticking with one. My bad.