Friday, January 29, 2010

No Virginia Woolf, but...

I have a new gig. I haven't said anything yet because I wanted to be sure it would really turn into something good and last longer than a week. And it has.

For the past month I have been writing blog posts for another organization. Let me rephrase that - I have been paid to write blog posts. How cool is that?

An information technology company based here in Louisville, but with clients all over the world, is including blogs as part of their proposals to clients' IT packages and they need people who can write, versus corporate or IT folk, and provide content.

Thus far we have been working on a site published by them regarding the powers of social media itself which will launch February 1st. Other clients include a seafood company and green technology company.

I am having fun, exercising my writing muscles, and the really cool part, I am making money. Not enough to retire on, but more than I am making at CVS -- and spending many less hours to do so. I have cut back my shifts there to one per weekend for now and will probably end up dropping them altogether.

Pretty cool, huh?

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