Saturday, January 30, 2010

I gave in

After months of making fun of the Snuggie and its bizarre fame, I bought one.

What can I say? I was freezing in the evenings, but still needed my hands to type...for you - all for you.

So I bought a leopard print Snuggie and I lost it the first day -- to the dogs. They fight over it and play tug of war with it. But most of all, they lay on it. And when one leaves it, another runs over to claim it.

I guess I need to buy another.


nejyerf said...

tom got me one for christmas. the breast cancer pink one. i love it. it really does keep me warm.

i even took it to work. because the boss refuses to fix the vents in our office AND he won't let us turn the heat up.

La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

I was thinking of buying one for my office too! Its so cold and I wear three layers on top just to keep warm.

Kim said...

You know Walmart sells dog snuggies...oh yes they do!

I'll stick to traditional throw blankets thanks :)

My son got a bathrobe for Christmas, put it on backwards and said "Look a snuggie!"

Melody said...

We have the Snuggie for dogs too, but they would hate it being on them, they just want to lay on it -- and fight over it.