Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Trail We Leave Behind

It is always interesting to me to see what search words brings people to my blog. Interesting may not be the best word...sometimes it is scary.

Interestingly enough, in the past couple weeks I have had loads of international visitors from everywhere....Egypt, Malaysia, India, Belgium, UK, Mexico. Welcome!

So here are the most recent search words that brought folks to me:
  • calories burned coughing
  • coughing calories
  • romulen
  • cupcakes
  • if i were a scientist
  • how many calories burned coughing
  • how does man trap doors work
  • calories burnt when coughing
  • thanksgiving menu
  • how many calories are burned when coughing
  • trap door
  • thanksgiving menu 2009
  • thanksgiving appetizer
  • how many calories burned by coughing
  • trapdoor computer security
  • make over my mother in law/ca
  • how trap doors work
  • calories burned by coughing
I think a lot of people are sick.


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

This is funny! I came to your blog via the phrase "stocking gifts" because I'm always looking for stocking stuffer gift ideas. Then I really liked your blog title and banner, so I looked at this most recent entry and started laughing.

I'm sick at the moment, but I had no idea calories would be burned by coughing, so it never would have occurred to me to search for that phrase! ;-)

MysteryGirl said...

Must be swine flu.