Friday, October 02, 2009

My Floor Needs A Toupe

I like having all hard surfaces throughout our house. With dogs, it is a god-send. But sometimes I like to lay on the floor with the dogs, or with my sweetie to watch a movie and let's face it, hardwood is...well, hard.

The problem with rugs is they seem to be a magnet for the dogs. It is like they think to themselves "I need to pee. I guess I have to wait. Oh look, a rug. I can go there."

Waiting they do fine, unless there is a rug around. It is like their form of a puppy pad. But they aren't puppies. In fact, the biggest culprit is our 8 year old, Shelby.

I guess we'll just lay on the bed and watch movies.

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Gnightgirl said...

I LOL'd at the title of this one.

My mom's dog does the same thing (when she forgets to let him out) which is why we just stripped out her carpets. I am, however, thankful that he's drawn to rugs, as they're now my deterrent for him to stay off of what's left of the carpets he avoided before. I bought 2 cheap, launder-able rugs at Walmart, and rotate them when one is soiled.

Nothing to do with your situation at all, I'm just yammering.