Saturday, October 17, 2009

How many calories do you burn coughing?

I’m just asking. I have had a cold for over two weeks now and all that is left is the cough; deep, hard, hacky cough. The way I figure it, this may be my next fat burner discovery.

Don’t laugh – you use muscles to cough. Trust me, my back and side muscles hurt from coughing so much. Why wouldn’t some calories be burned in this process?

Just wondering.


La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

Well, I looked this up for you. It looks like a small handful of calories each time you cough. Around 5 or less.
However, one hour of cooking you burn over 200 calories!

Anonymous said...

It's about a year now since you've posed this question, but I have an answer for you that you will probably find quite interesting:
In a days worth of continuous coughing (especially due to an illness) you burn approximately 4000-5000 calories. Also, when ill, your body uses up more calories trying to fight off the illness yet typical the illness is also accompanied by a lack of hunger which means less intake of calories as well. This is why a person who is sick for an extended period loses so much weight. It is also why they feel weak for a period even after the illness has subsided. Their body is lacking in calories, which in fact are a basic measurement of energy.