Monday, August 31, 2009

Mystery Box Challenge - Nectarines!

My favorite fruit ever!

I was so excited to see that as an ingredient on Uncovering Food's August Mystery Box Challenge.

Along with nectarines, there was cinnamon and hot sauce. My entry (and on time this month I might add) is a Nectarine Cake.

I found the recipe over on Life's Smorgasbord and it was so easy and so good.

I added some pluots to the nectarines to give a little variety on the fruit and because pluots are in season and so beautifully red. And I added a couple drops of hot sauce to the batter. It gave it some underlying flavor, but no real heat.

We had friends over for dinner to help us share in Asian Braised Short Ribs, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Old Fashioned Green Beans, Portuguese Sweet Bread (made it myself) and this wonderful cake. It was a hit!

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