Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mystery Basket - It's Good To Be A Tart

Last month I discovered Uncovering Food and better yet, her monthly contest: Mystery Box Challenge.

I was so excited to enter this month. The ingredients were: tomatoes, blue cheese, and milk.

I finally decided on Tomato Tarts...because not all tarts have to be sweet.

Sadly, I just realized the deadline for entry was yesterday - I thought it was today.

Oh well, I'll still share my creations with you.

I "winged" this one with no recipe, so I feel pretty good about it. Plus they tasted great!

The crust is a simple pastry/pie crust pressed into individual tart pans.

Lots of shredded cheese went into each one. Two had an Italian mix of cheese, one was fresh local gouda and the last, but not least, was blue cheese.

Adding fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil (from the snake pot), except for the gouda one, which was fresh thyme, I put a two tablespoons of milk and egg.

Topped with fresh tomato slices from my container garden and some sea salt, off into the oven at 425 for about 15-20 minutes left these gorgeous beauties.

You can bet, next month I'll pay closer to attention to the details.


C.G. the Foodie said...

Those look good! Despite the date, I still wanted to send you an honorable mention prize for attempting the challenge! Please send me your address again (I delete them after mailing!) and I will send it out this week.

Melody said...

Aaah, aren't you sweet?

Joe said...

Dear God, those look wonderful. If you put bacon in them, it could put someone in a delight-induced coma.

Melody said...

You know, I considered it. I really did.