Sunday, August 09, 2009

Can I Brag?

I am anyway.

I've made many carrot cakes in my life and they were fine. Nothing I'd dream about, but then I'm not the carrot cake fan like some folks (yes, Joe I am speaking of you).

I made my mother a carrot cake for the birthday celebration yesterday with a new recipe.

Oh my freakin god!

This was the best damn carrot cake I have ever eaten. Those eating around me were actually moaning with pleasure and I knew why.

I didn't take photos but honestly, it didn't look any different than any other carrot cake. The recipe was basically the same, except for one apparently important step - pour a warm buttermilk glaze over the warm cake immediately out of the oven. It absorbs all that wonderful flavor and makes it sooooo moist.

Stop what you are doing and make this recipe - now!

For the record, I didn't add coconut and I made it in a 9x13 pan vs. a layer cake.

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Joe said...

Make are carrot cake? That's so funny. I eat baked goods, I do not create them. God smiled when carrot cake with cream cheese icing was invented.