Friday, July 17, 2009

More and More

You would think with the entire world wide web out there, we would be satisfied with the amount and variety of recipes at our fingertips. And I am, mostly. But it is always exciting to me to find a new site that contains a recipe collection. The possibilities of finding a fantastic new appetizer or easy weeknight meal make my heart beat a little faster.

Don't laugh at me, it is my weakness. I can't help myself.

So when Pioneer Woman unveiled Tasty Kitchen, I felt hot flashes come on.

These are real recipes, some easy and some not so easy, but tried and true recipes that someone else has prepared in their kitchen - not a test kitchen or lab - and served to their loved ones. Recipes that must have been so well received that they felt proud to share them with the rest of us. We should feel honored, and I do.

Excuse me now while I go peruse the majesty of itself... and wipe the drool off my keyboard.

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Kim said...

Wow how did I miss that? I have been neglecting the blogs while working. Have to fix that.