Sunday, July 05, 2009

Illness, Dogs and Family -- oh my

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Something you are never happy about no matter how long you have been off.

In my case it was 9 days.

The first three were great. We hosted my niece and her husband for a weekend of fun, food and laughs. Despite the 100 degree weather, we enjoyed some great meals in and out, toured the Louisville Slugger museum, played some pool and Wii, and generally had a good time catching up.

Then they left and I started feeling ill. Bad turned to worse and I am now left with this horrible cough and a slightly achy feeling - a week later.

In the interim, my mother and step-dad came to visit which was great. The fact that Mom feels good enough to travel and visit makes me feel good. It is easy to forget what we went through earlier this year and though I still feel sad when I see how changed she is from the independent, vibrant person she was a year ago - we have lots to be thankful for.

She has lost about 50 lbs through this process and I am always shocked when I first see her. She reminds me of Grandma so much. This illness has definitely aged her.

They left this morning and I still feel drained and a bit icky. To make matters worse, David is now feeling icky.

Plus I am a little sad - Jasper went to a new home this weekend. It is a good home with two boys - ages 4 and 6. He'll be fine, but I miss him almost as much as Cady. We had Jasper for over 5 weeks. He had become part of our family and it is very quiet without him.

Never fear, next week we are dogsitting Tuesday for her new family, so she'll have a playmate soon.

That was my week in all it's glory. Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone and I have a busy week already scheduled. So let's hope I get some energy back and lose this cough.

As my mother always said when waking us for school in the morning - up and at 'em.


mistylea said...

Glad to hear that "maybe" you are feeling better!

La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

I am sad knowing that Jasper has left. He was such a loving dog and I was only around him for 3 days. He loved the white dogs!!

I am hoping that you are feeling alot better and don't over work yourself.