Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3rd Time Is A Charm

Our guest bathroom was officially redecorated within the first few months we lived here. All it really needed was decor and art.

I printed some cute pictures of our puppies and played with a little Photoshop effects for an okay result of black and white photos highlighted with aqua backgrounds. They lasted about 6 months.

Next, I took some funky graphic images I found of dogs bathing (seemed appropriate) in multi-bright colors. Those lasted about a year.

A few months ago, Fightin' Mad Mary highlighted some cute finds at and one was this shower curtain with SAT words and definitions on it. I fell in love immediately and purchased it.

In the interim, my hubby removed the tacky glass shower doors that I'm sure has been hanging there since the late 70's. We won't mention how poorly planned that bathroom was in regards to space and plumbing.

With the shower curtains hung, I knew instantly I needed new wall art. And this time I am lovin' it so much that it should last longer than a year....maybe.

I took leather-like textured scrapbooking paper for the background and then printed a few unusual words with interesting meanings and mounted them in three frames.

This room is rarely used as it is the guest bath. However, we are expecting house guests the next two weekends so I wanted to have all this done, as well as cleaned and polished, ready to go.

And it is. Come on down!

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La Vita e BELLA - Life is Beautiful said...

We will be there on Friday!! For the dog slummer party