Friday, August 01, 2008

Allow me to bitch.

I paid off a credit card today - yippee!

What pisses me off though is I paid the entire balance prior to the due date and I was still charged finance charges.

That is ridiculous - what is the point of a due date?

So I called and cancelled my credit card.
"But ma'am why?"
I explained and was given the song and dance about the benefits of leaving the account open.

Yeah whatever - close it.
"So ma'am your balance is such and such with a rate of __%."
So, even when I pay this balance in total, you will still be tacking on finance charges?

"Yes, ma'am."
So how much do I have to pad the amount to keep from getting screwed by you all forever?
"Please hold."
Let me say right now with full disclosure - Washington Mutual sucks!

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