Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not everything is a success.

This post is for Kasey and Jen. Another example that not everything I make is perfect.

In this week's farm share basket, we got peaches. Glorious, juicy peaches.

So I decided to make a Peach Crisp from a recipe I found on Momzoo.

Let me just say that the proportions are off on this recipe. With the amount of topping you make, you should have about a dozen peaches and a large 9x12 pan.

It was sweet, but there was way too much topping and it never got crispy. I am really sad because these peaches were so good that I feel like I wasted them. This recipe would be great with some store bought peaches because they aren't typically as sweet and it would compensate.

I hope I get more peaches next week and I will probably just eat them in a fruit salad or grill them because they are good enough on their own.


MysteryGirl said...

Finally! Ok. I do believe you now. That does look like a total disaster.

Melody said...

i threw out the rest - and that really hurt