Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Month of Food

I can do this, of course I can do this.

Can I do this?

July's Nablopomo theme is food. The object is to blog every day about food.

It isn't the inability to find content, it is the time to blog.

But I will give it a shot.

Being as I flew home today (boy my arms are tired), the food I have to speak of is airline food.

It wasn't bad. And that surprised me.

In these days of charging for everything including your bags, I actually received a light meal/snack on both jaunts of my trip.

The first was cheese pizza and a salad.

The second was a turkey sandwich and chips.

Not gourmet, but certainly edible and helped to make a four hour flight tolerable.

Besides really glad to see my hubby and puppies, I am so glad to be home and to be able to cook. Two weeks of eating out sucks, regardless of how great the restaurants were at times.

So watch for food coming at you daily.

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