Monday, July 21, 2008

mamma mia

A friend and I went to see Mamma Mia this weekend. Let me start by saying I am a serious ABBA fan. Besides the music, I always believed they wrote the best lyrics - straight from the heart and not just fluffy stuff.

In fact this clip is my favorite ABBA song and Meryl does pretty good. The real painful emotion of the song comes out here.

The things I loved about this movie:

  • the actors and supporting actors who sang and dance weren't all 20 years old and size 2 - they were real people (as demonstrated in this clip)

  • real people who didn't always have the most perfect voice which is great
  • seeing Meryl Streep do the air guitar
  • the gorgeous location - gasp!
  • the gorgeous men - double gasp!

There is only one thing I didn't like about this movie:

  • Pierce Brosnan is gorgeous, but James Bond should not be singing. Remington Steele should remain aloof and suave. He actually appears to be in pain while singing - I know we were.

Go see this. It is totally worth watching and see if you can manage to not sing out loud in the theatre. I failed.

Also, don't get up and leave when the credits start rolling - the best part of the movie is right then.


nejyerf said...

you are right on the money with the pierce brosnan review. he did seem as though he were in pain didn't he?

but yet i thought he owned he painful singing. he committed to it.

meryl was her usual awesome self.

did you stay to the end to see the waterloo video? with all six of them singing? it was classic

nejyerf said...

i just now read the rest of your post!

just ignore me

Melody said...

I loved Waterloo! I am sad though because I bought the soundtrack and it isn't on there - rip.