Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back To School

We enrolled Shelby in dog school last week. She is 7 years old and yes I know that is a little old, but she's never been (my bad) and she needs some socialization exposure.

It was amazing to watch her around 20+ people and dogs. Normally she is very vocal but she never uttered a peep. She was so overwhelmed by everything and everyone. A true sign that this was a good move.

At the end of the class, the last thing they do is "recall". They put your dog on a 20 ft. leash and you go far away (less than 20 feet) and call for her. The trainer said "call her by name and be real excited so she'll come to you".

Sorry folks, but there isn't anything anyone could have done to make that dog go anywhere else but to us at that point.

She was all like "where the hell are you going? don't leave me here? you bet your ass I coming to you and we're going home never to return to this place or speak of it again. Oh don't forget the ice cream."

Sorry sweetie, but return we shall.


Jacki said...


mgc said...

very funny. i can't do that stuff because i would end up kicking someone else's yappy ass barker in the chin! i send my wife!

Melody said...

jacki: she's doing pretty good - thanks for stopping by

mgc: say it isn't so? you are alive!