Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Were they instant or stone ground?

Hot grits used as weapon
Journal Staff Writer

Investigators have charged a Monroeville, Alabama woman with
assault for allegedly attacking her boyfriend with an unusual
weapon – boiling grits.

Margaret Hunt is said to have thrown a boiling pot of grits on her
boyfriend, Marker Lett, 49, in the early morning hours Saturday
at a residence on Clausell Road in Monroeville, Investigator Sgt.
Omer West said.

“It apparently began with a verbal exchange between the two
that escalated,” West said. “Lett sustained second-degree burns
to his face, neck and torso and was taken to Monroe County
Hospital for treatment.”

I can imagine the "verbal exchange".
"Marker if you don't get your lazy ass out of that bed, I'm gonna
take the hose to ya."

"Keep it down old woman."

"Don't you call me old woman you lazy good for nothin' bum.
I am the one who got up at the crack of dawn to fix you some
breakfast, you ungrateful slug."

"You call that breakfast, it looks more like wallpaper paste."

"Well, then let's paste your mouth shut with it."


MysteryGirl said...

That's quite a story. Now I don't feel so bad about calling the police on my neighbors a few weeks ago. I'll save that story for you...over drinks.

Melody said...

I can't wait!