Sunday, June 08, 2008

I like being portable

Recently I have finally conceded to being tethered to work via a Blackberry. It has allowed me mobility when waiting for a “go ahead” on a communication, instead of being tethered to my computer at home. A trade off of sorts.

I have a laptop through work that I use and I have a personal laptop besides my PC, but that laptop is an Apple and to be honest I’ve never been a fan. It has been used probably 20 times in the five years I have had it. I should seriously think about selling it.

If I ever change jobs and lose my laptop, I am going to be lost.


LisaRene said...

Be still my heart! Not an Apple fan?? You are the first I have ever met.

Christie said...

If you are serious about losing the Mac, let me know. I LOVE Macs!!!

Melody said...

I think it is just what you are used to and I have no technical support - my husband being a Microsoft guru and all.

Christie: We should talk.