Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Business Enhancement

So when you go to a bank or financial institution, is the ink pen at the counter tied to a chain?

I’ve never understood this.

From a marketing perspective, wouldn’t you want your customers to have logo pens in their purse/pocket with your name and logo on them?

Oh no, let’s treat them like criminals and prevent them from promoting their affiliation and preference for our business and service.

Seems pretty silly to me.

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mistylea said...

OK, I must comment. From the banker in me...logo pens cost min. .68 cents each and they go to the adults like suckers go to the kids. And in all honesty, have you ever considered choosing a certian bank just because they gave you a free pen?
Now give me a free umbrella and we will talk. :)
Oh- I LOVE the new look of your page!