Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Murphy Update

Thanks for all the sweet words for Murphy.

We went Friday to learn how to give "injections". That is what I was told we would be doing. That was misleading. We learned how to hook-up an IV bag and give him fluids that way. This took us off guard.

In the long run, it is easier than injections as it is under the skin vs. intramuscular, but nevertheless we were shook.

However, we saw a different vet - the grand poobah vet instead of a young new vet. Nothing against the young one, she is great with my dogs and we really like her. However, the grand poobah gave us more hope in regards to length of time and quality of life for Murphy.

Obviously there are no promises, but if we can keep him hydrated and UTI free, he could be with us for several months to a year. We realize he is 14 years old and that is 98 in human years so we aren't hoping for a miracle - but after hydrating him for four days via IV - he is a different dog. He is much more like the old Murphy. He also has been on an antibiotic for the UTI and that seems to helping as well.

Of course it took two trips to the vet to get the IV thing down and I'm still not sure how the hubby will do it by himself while I am gone to California for two weeks, but things are improving.

I thank you for your good wishes and kind words. Murphy does too.


kate anyan said...

I'm so sorry, you are in my prayers.

Melody said...