Friday, May 23, 2008

I will be arrested someday.

I have no doubt that some day my husband will have to come bail me out of jail.

The charge?

Assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The weapon will probably be my shopping cart.

People are so rude in the stores. I used to think it was just old people, but I've discovered that bad manners have no socio, age or economic loyalties.

Just one time. The cart, back of the legs, hard.

Next time they will move out of the middle of the aisle while they are sorting coupons or staring blindly at the top shelf.

Jail I tell you. Someday.


Kim said...

Hey we can share a cell! It happened to me about an hour ago - not only was this guy old and standing like he was lost in the middle of the aisle, but he also seemed to be deaf to me saying "Excuse me sir?" about 5 times before I got fed up enough to turn the cart around and exist the aisle from the other end. And you're right, it is not just old people, woman with 3 kids holding the side of the cart are no better - how am I supposed to get around them?

Nina said...

I, too, will need bailed out of jail one day. Too bad it won't be for something simple like battery on a rude person.
I'll call when I get out...

LisaRene said...

There is a good chance I'll join you as well :)

mk99 said...

Anyone can call for bail help if it was a rude person that put you in jail. Seriously.

Nina: I am concerned and a bit curious.

MysteryGirl said...

Perhaps it was your evil twin..about 2 weeks ago. I came out to my car and noticed a shopping cart, on its side right next to my car. I have a noticeable dent in my car now. I had a hard time convincing Husband that I didn't crash into the garage wall again.
I swear I was good inside the store. I did not block anyone's path and moved swiftly through the aisles.
The car was obviously up to no good out there in the parking lot.