Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bathroom Remodel

This is the longest remodel ever, at least for us.

Let me remind of you the ugly bathroom we are working on.

That wallpaper was a bitch to remove. We started a month ago and got so frustrated we just gave up. It was actually quite funny how we both ignored it for several weeks as though it didn't need to be done.

But we dove back in and kicked butt this past couple weeks.

The other problem is the room is vaulted above the counters. Getting a ladder in there has been a bear and fairly unsafe since it was propped in the tub and on the counter.

Our bathroom is split and mine didn't have wallpaper so it has been painted for awhile. I have a new light and new mirror.

Wallpaper is gone, walls remudded and sanded due to the damage of getting wallpaper off. New paint is up, old toilet is gone (ask me how many times I have went in there to pee at night) and tonight, new toilet goes in.

This weekend - new granite tops and faucets for both sides, new mirror and light for his.

And then we're done.

New pics soon.

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